Plasma Temperature
Differential Potential (Estimated for a model satellite)
Maximums in the Japanese sector (longitude E135°±15°)
Space Plasma Environment
Data (latitude and longitude, sunlit/eclipse, plasma temperature, and satellite potentials) on the position of the drop pin on the image of 6.6 Earth Radius is displayed in the table. Initially, the drop pin is at latitude 135° (over Japan).

To specify the location where you want to see the data:
First click the image of 6.6 Earth Radius. The numerical data is loaded.
Method 1. Drop Pin Operation: Move the pin to the point where you want to display data.
Method 2. Enter a latitude and longitude: Specify a latitude and longitude in the column of Latitude and Longitude. The data for that location is displayed. The drop pin automatically moves to the specified location.

A small circle indicates the eclipse area.
High plasma pressure regions seen in the dayside high latitudes are formed by the solar wind-magnetosphere interaction. These regions are outside the scope of the risk estimation.
Sunlit=0Eclipse=1 Temperature(keV)
Satellite Potential [V]
Maximum of Surface Potential Frame Potential Differential Potential